COVID-19 Lockdown: Small Business Internet Marketing Tips

small business internet marketing BuckinghamshireAt Cyber Sushi Design, we are experts in web design and small business internet marketing in Buckinghamshire. We hope you are all safe and well as COVID-19 continues to spread and threaten not only the well-being of humanity but the financial security of individuals, businesses and the international economy too.

If you’re a small business that has had to cease working or reduce your business output, we are here to offer SEO advice to aid you in boosting your online business presence during lockdown. We hope these tips can benefit you and your business, and allow you to hit the ground running when the country returns to business as usual.

This is a difficult time for one and all. While we can’t guarantee to ease the financial burdens the Coronavirus has caused, our tips and ideas can help you be productive throughout this time in lockdown.

Small Business Internet Marketing, Buckinghamshire

1.    Check out our internet marketing blogs on ‘Why SEO is Critical for Businesses in 2020’?

In case you missed it earlier this year Cyber Sushi Design ran a blog series with tips and ideas to improve your website traffic and boost enquiries. The purpose being to help small businesses boost their internet marketing efforts.

If you have seen it but haven’t taken action yet, what better time than while the world is in lockdown. You don’t need technical skills or a huge marketing budget, our easy to follow tips for small business internet marketing can set you in good stead for when normality resumes. Check these out at the links below:

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2.    Can your Small Business Provide Key Public Services?

Businesses across the UK have been adapting their services to enable them to operate and support their communities without flouting Government rules. Here are a few things you could consider:

Is there a goodwill gesture your business can offer?

Does your business have the capacity to set up a delivery service?

Can your business work with others to support the community?

Perhaps there are online services you can provide (support roles, tutorials, advice)?

It’s a great time to stay busy. By thinking outside the box it may be your business can keep functioning and fulfil a vital role within your community.

3.    Does your Website Content need Refreshing?

In normal life (outside of lockdown), work gets busy and we don’t always have the time to focus on vital tasks. Considering the impression our business promotes to the world often comes second to actually getting on with business. But, your website is a window into your business, it gives the world an idea of who you are and what you stand for.

That is why your website content is key!

content is key

And right now if you’re unable to function as a business, there’s an abundance of time where you can focus on the things you don’t always get a chance to do. Starting with rewriting your web content. And locating relevant images that sell your business and services effectively, targeted towards the relevant audience.

4.    Do you have Admin to Catch up on?

Once you’ve updated your website, consider all the less important tasks and unwanted admin that gets put off when you’re busy doing what your business does best. Perhaps you have filing, accounts, audits, supply chain reviews, advertising, PR and promotions to focus on, staffing requirements to consider, as well as looking to future-proof your business once we get through this.

Of course lockdown is bound to also highlight the attention your home needs. So consider whether there’s decorating, DIY and gardening that can keep you busy. But also remember it’s ok to chill with a book you’ve been meaning to read or Netflix series you’ve heard lots about.

5.    Remember to stay safe, stay home

It’s a worrying time for all of us. And the impact of this lockdown is bound to have repercussions months from now. However, we need to focus on the positives that this time can present us.

If you’re reading this, hopefully that means you’re safe and healthy. Which means you have the chance to focus on the future by boosting your business using the advice from our SEO blog series mentioned in point 1. All of which can be carried out from the comfort of your home.

The most important thing however, is that you and your family stay safe and healthy as the Coronavirus continues to spread. As lockdown is extended we hope your business can survive and thrive again when we can head out into the big wide world again.

SEO, Buckinghamshire

Cyber Sushi Design based in Buckinghamshire are currently operating as usual,  from the comfort and safety of our homes. Working on existing commitments, addressing new requests and offering web and internet marketing support for those who need it.

Currently, we are offering a 20% discount across all of our web services for any new enquiries during this indefinite period of lockdown.

If you are in need of our web services contact us at Cyber Sushi Design on 01494 356 778. And we hope you can stay productive as you stay safe at home.

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