Is your Website User Friendly? – Part 6 of Why SEO is Critical for Businesses in 2020

seo buckinghamshireIn our previous blog in the ‘Why SEO is Critical for Businesses in 2020’ series, we looked at HTML tags. This instalment looks at user experience and how it is important for SEO purposes. We will look at how focussing on how your website functions for your audience technically and visually will see search engines prioritise your website.

What makes a Website User Friendly?

Good usability can help your website rank. Keeping your website simple and intuitive can see your website succeed in its purpose and not just with your target audience, but also in search engines.

A few examples of what makes a website more user friendly include:

  • Intuitive navigation
  • A well laid out site
  • Reasonable load time
  • Content that informs, educates and entertains
  • Avoid using duplicate content
  • Well laid out visuals that illustrate your point
  • Good use of tag-lines within content
  • No broken links
  • Call to Actions
  • Simple functionality
  • Responsive sites

User Friendly Web Design Buckinghamshire

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design allows users to view a website as it should be seen across any device, be it a desktop, tablet or mobile phone. This is seen as an essential attribute for websites today and Google algorithms will prioritise responsive websites accordingly.

There are additional things that need to be taken into consideration when designing for the mobile audience – text needs to readable and button sizes need to be adjustable, there’s also a need to avoid Flash content, which can prove problematic to view on some devices and slow to load on others.

Page  Load Times

Web pages should typically take no longer than 3 seconds to load. Google rewards sites in their rankings if pages load quickly. Your target audience are also likely to stay within your site if pages load well.

Keeping the load time down means avoiding extremely large images and videos or placing too many adverts within your pages. Your choice of theme for your website can also impact the speed of page load times, so try and keep it light. You also need to ensure your website hosting is appropriate for the size of your website.

SSL Certificates

Having HTTPS at the start of your URL tells your audience that your website is secure. If purchases are made through your site it will also provide added peace of mind. Installing an SSL certificate can ensure your site is secure and trustworthy. In turn Google will award points that can help you rank higher.


A sitemap details all the pages contained within your website. Sitemaps help search engines understand its structure and identify all the pages within your site.

A sitemap helps search engines crawl your website. Crawling takes place in order to index your content within search engines. That is why content needs to be optimised for SEO, otherwise it won’t rank.

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Here we have detailed a summary of some of the things that will gain you points from search engines, that will help you rank higher. With user friendly web design and an SEO campaign that incorporates the techniques we have mentioned during our ‘Why SEO is Critical for Businesses in 2020’ series your site can start ranking better. Next week in the final part of this series we will summarise the essentials of an SEO friendly website.

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