Product Review: Nomad Apple Watch Stand – Simple, Strong & Functional!

IMG_1924Once again Nomad have proven themselves with this simple, yet expertly crafted aluminium charging stand for your Apple Watch. The angle of this sturdy stand and the grip from the magnetic charging cable ensures your watch is securely suspended.

At Cyber Sushi Design, we love the minimalist look of the Nomad Stand, which is well built and designed to provide the Apple Watch with an elevated charging experience.

The Stand, made from military grade aluminium, copper alloy to keep it weighted down and non-slip, high friction rubber to ensure the product does not slip on any surface, features a charging outlet on the back, which accepts the 1m and 2m versions of the Apple charging cable.

A perfect addition to your work desk for a no hassle charging experience; the Apple obsessed web design team at Cyber Sushi Design definitely give this elegant and functional product the big thumbs up with 5 stars!

For more information about Nomad and the Apple Watch Stand visit The Stand is compatible with the 38mm and 42mm of Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch, and Apple Watch Edition.

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