Why you Should Always Carry a Power Bank in the Unpredictable UK Weather

Let’s be honest, the weather in the UK recently has been more than a little unpredictable of late. In the UK we don’t do very well when it snows here, the country comes grinding to a halt when even the smallest amount of snow hits. When we mention power banks on this blog it’s usually to ensure our devices can keep us gaming, browsing, designing or editing. Here we consider the benefits when we need to keep our phones or other communication devices powered for more important reasons.

When snow has hit in the last few weeks not only were people stranded on motorways for long periods of time, even overnight in some circumstances; but for the first time in years, trains were badly affected, with some commuters unable to leave their carriages.

So, where are we going with this article you may ask? Well, Aukey has made a power bank that you can carry literally everywhere with you due to its small form factor size. Small enough to leave in your handbag, glove box or work bag without it taking up vital space. This would mean if the weather did leave you stranded you could still charge your phone and raise the alarm or let your friends and family know you were OK.

The PB-N37 Aukey 5000 mAh power bank is only 10cms long and has enough power to charge the average phone 2 times! That means if you do get stuck and need to play some games or watch some video you will still have plenty of power for another whole charge.

At under £15 it also means you can charge it and leave it so its always there for emergencies, and with the Aukey 2 year warranty you know you’re always getting a quality product. For more information and to buy on Amazon click here.


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