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Here at Cyber Sushi Design, you’ll always see us writing about online marketing this and SEO that. But for anyone who knows our brand well, you’ll know we like to use physical marketing materials and other quirky ideas to promote our brand. In the past we have created an array of fun promotional giveaway items, from retro wooden coasters to business card phone stands, we’ve even created Cyber Sushi Design branded cupcakes in the past. Recently we commissioned Sticker Mule to create some custom badges in the shape of our Cyber Sushi character ‘Squishy’. And we were so pleased with the result we decided to check out their custom stickers too.

Custom Stickers

As believers in a well-rounded marketing campaign we thought we would share some of our ideas for using custom stickers to promote your brand. Let’s be honest, after the chaos and uncertainty 2020 has brought about, everyone needs new marketing ideas, and you know how much we like to share.

Custom stickers are a great way to promote your brand. You can have them produced in any colour, shape, design or size to get word out about your business or brand.

Using Stickers for your Business:

  1. Placing stickers on your products can draw attention to the items you sell.
  2. Stickers can advertise a significant discount or provide potential buyers with additional information of interest.
  3. They can entice people to visit your website, social media pages or blog.
  4. Stickers can pose unanswered questions to create a buzz around your brand, products or services.
  5. To raise awareness of causes, charities, not-for-profit organisations.
  6. They can simply alert people of rules, or to take caution e.g. no smoking or social distancing.
  7. To inspire or motivate people, to give them a good feeling about what you sell, who you are, what your brand stands for.
  8. If you brand has anything to do with children, you have to know that children love stickers.
  9. As giveaways that promote your brand e.g. bumper stickers.
  10. To use in unsuspecting places to advertise your brand.

Cyber Sushi Design are experts in internet marketing and web design, but we also like to think outside if the box when it comes to marketing our business. Often using custom stickers and other promotional items to spread the word about our brand.

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