The Best Third Party Strap for the Apple Watch Without the Apple Price Tag

$_57 (1)When the Apple watch was first announced, a popular topic of conversation (apart from the technology) was the number of variations the watch was available in. Most of these variations are due to the interchangeable straps; but they don’t come cheap. Apple’s official straps start at £39, that’s for the silicon sports strap, with the most expensive selling at £379, that’s for the stainless steel strap, which is £79 more expensive than a complete sports watch!

That’s where online store lancici1985 come to the rescue; they sell a leather strap that almost a clone of the Apple leather magnetic loop strap; the cost £25.99 with free postage. Making it over £100 cheaper than the Apple equivalent. The strap is very clever, removing the need for a buckle, the magnets simply fix securely to the size of your wrist.

The quality and finish of the watch strap is very impressive even at the dramatically cheaper price point than the Apple product. The magnets are so strong it’s never fallen off, even when exercising. Another advantage to the strap is that just as Apple’s own strap, this Lancici strap has the watch connector adapters built in unlike a lot of other third party versions currently on the market.

It’s definitely a five star rating from the Cyber Sushi Design team, head over to this link to purchase one.

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