The Best Bluetooth Headphones You Can Buy Right Now for Under £20

We know what you are thinking that’s a very bold title for a blog review. But read on and let us tell you why we think it’s true. If you don’t think this pair of headphones ticks more boxes than most the headphones you will see on Amazon for under £20 let us know. In fact they aren’t even £19.99 they are currently just £16.99 at the time of writing this review. We have owned and reviewed between us over 10 pairs of bluetooth headphones and below is why these really stood out to us as a fantastic pair.


Sound Quality

Most importantly they sound great, our review would end here if they didn’t as all the other plus points to these headphones would mean nothing.

We love in-ear bud type headphones but they come with restrictions, you can only fit so much into a small space within the ear, meaning you have very small drivers in this type of headphone.

But the Aukey EP-B26’s size is mid way between a pair of in-ear bud headphones and a pair of full sized over ear headphones. Meaning much bigger components can be fitted in for a better sound.

Battery Life

The second advantage to these mid-sized headphone is a large battery can also be fitted into the unit giving an amazing 24hrs of playtime! Now you find us another pair of headphones at this price point that comes anywhere near that. Also in our tests we actually got way over the stated 24hrs, pushing the bar even higher for the competition in the headphone market right now at this price point.


As well as being a robust pair of headphones they also feature a built-in CVC noise cancelling microphone so should you choose to use them with your phone you will be able to take calls without taking them off. This can be done with the controls built into one side of the headphones, these also double as a remote for your music to skips tracks, adjust volume and pause.

Also featuring bluetooth 4.1 they also allow you to connect them to more than one device at once a huge plus point in our eyes as we have a lot of gadgets in the office supporting bluetooth.


Build Quality

The headphones have a rubberized finish making them feel a like quality product, they are very robust even though they have a clever folding design. This folding design also means they fold down to less than a third of the size when you are not using them so they can easily fit in a bag or coat pocket.


Overall these headphones are amazing value for money. Great for daily use in an office, keep fit or travel. An easy 10/10 rating from us.  If you want to know more about them or to purchase pop over to Amazon clicking here.


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