Product Review: Milanese Loop Band from That Gadget Uk

When it comes to Apple watch straps there are 100s on the market, you can buy them from Apple (you may need to take out a small loan though, what with them costing almost a third of the price of the watch itself!) or you can buy a third party strap. Now we have bought or been sent watch straps to review right across the spectrum and if there is one thing we have learnt it’s don’t go bargain basement.

You can get straps very cheaply from Ebay or Amazon BUT you will end up buying another. Also, in our experience either require your own strap adapters (the part that slots into the watch face and the strap) or if they are included on the strap some are very badly made, which risks scratching your new expensive watch.

When ‘That Gadget UK’ sent us one of their luxury Milanese loop band straps we could tell as soon as we opened it that time and effort had been spent manufacturing this strap with no cutting of corners. Another shortcut made by third party Apple strap manufacturers is that no matter what the strap colour, cheap silver lugs are used. This was not the case with the black Milanese strap that they sent over for us to review.

The strap features colour coded black strap adapters that really compliment the strap, also even though the strap is full metal (think mini chainmail of a knight’s armour) it’s very comfortable. Even after 5 full days of wearing the strap, it is still comfortable, so much so that you forget you are wearing the watch.

If you haven’t seen Apple’s own version of this style of strap, it is kept closed and secure using a magnet clasp. The magnetic strap clasp featured on the ‘That Gadget UK’ strap stayed closed and secure throughout our testing from general office wear through to exercising.

Overall we cannot fault this strap, it looks identical to Apple’s own strap at a fraction of the cost.

What we love about the ‘That Gadget UK’ Milanese strap:

  • Fraction of the cost of at Apple strap
  • Same great styling as an Apple product
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Strong and secure
  • Colour coded matching strap adapters

For more information and to check out the other style of Apple watch straps that ‘That Gadget UK’ offer, head over to their website. They were also kind enough to provide our readers with a 10% of promo code, so use “CYBERSUSHI” to give yourself a further discount on their already great prices.


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