Recharge your Batteries After Christmas With the Aukey Lightning Powerbank

IMG_8405So did you get a new gadget or gizmo for Christmas? The team at Cyber Sushi Design certainly did but what do gadgets need when you spend hours playing with them…. recharging! Now we have reviewed powerbanks in the past BUT the Aukey Lightning 3ooomAh powerbank genuinely blow us away for a number of reason which we will cover in this review.

First of all on unboxing we realise this powerbank means business, it’s the biggest we have seen but when you realise what it’s capable of we easily forgive its size. The second feature that catches our eye is the lightning in port to charge it up! Thats right if you are primarily an Apple user you could go away for the weekend with just the Aukey powerbank and your lightning cable, meaning the same cable can be used to charge up the powerbank as your phone. This maybe a common feature that Android users are used to with the widely used micro USB cable but we very rarely see lightning power in on third party accessories especially powerbanks. But don’t worry if you are used to micro USB that is featured also as they know its common place on Android devices, action cams and pretty much anything else not made by Apple.

IMG_8399Another big tick for Android users with the latest handsets is the Aukey powerbank features Quick Charge 3.o technology meaning dramatically faster charging times. Quick Charge 3.0 output can charge a compatible devices up to four times faster than conventional charging and 45% more efficient than Quick Charge 2.0 Technology; the AiPower Output gives all your USB powered devices exactly what they need with up to 2.4A.

Now for the game changer…. IT CHARGED OUR 2016 MACBOOK PRO! For those that don’t know the new 2016 Macbook Pro with touchbar is very power hungry when it comes to chargers. There aren’t even many mains wall chargers out there that meet the power output requirements for the new Macbook. So we almost fell off our chairs in the office when we plugged it in with the included mini USB-C cable and it started charging. Aukey you need to mention this on your product features list as its brilliant! Other nice features to mention you can of course like most large powerbanks these days charge 2 devices at once via the 2 standard USB ports, there is an LED flashlight function. We can imagine this being very useful for camping and outdoor events like festivals where you maybe using the powerbank to keep your devices charged when there are no powerpoints nearby for a few days in a tent.


So in charging tests we charged our iphone 7 in around half an hour, even though Apple devices don’t support quick charge which is impressive! This was actually quicker than a main charger. It also charged our iPad and iPad mini in an impressive time and faster than other powerbanks we have used and reviewed in the past.

These amazing charging results along with Aukeys long 24 month warranty and not one but 2 cables in the box (Micro USB and USB-C) mean we have to give the Aukey Powerbank a full Cyber Sushi Design 10/10 rating. Purchase the Aukey Powerbank today with free delivery from Amazon here.

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