Product Review: Could This Be the Best Action Camera Ever for Under £50?

When it comes to action cameras it’s worth noting that many different types of people use them. Extreme sports addicts, families shooting videos on holiday and people using them as a cheap dashcam or CCTV camera alternative. We have reviewed and owned a few action cameras in the past. As a result, we can immediately identify the pros and cons of this camera.

Action camera caseWhen we were sent the MUSON Action Camera sold by SoundPEATS it threw us off a little, here’s why; On opening the camera box we couldn’t quite believe this was a budget camera, currently sold at under £50 on Our first impression was that the case, camera and accessories were nicer than cameras we had seen in the past at over double the price.

It’s also worth noting that many action cameras don’t come with a case at all! So this was a welcomed feature of the package, especially when the camera comes with so many different types of mounts but we will discuss these later in this review. The case nicely houses everything and without a doubt is tough enough to protect the camera in any travelling situation. 

The best action camera for under £50The next thing we noticed on opening the case was this camera comes with 2 batteries, not only that but it also included a separate mini charger. This means that both batteries can be charged simultaneously as you can charge one battery inside the camera. Again for under £50, this is amazing value for money to include two batteries in the package.

Numbers, numbers, numbers…

So onto the camera itself, the camera records in several different resolutions most importantly full HD 1080p @ 30 frames per second (fps), it actually will record at 4k which is undocumented but at only 10fps which we would not recommend using as this is very low (remember this is not mentioned so really a bonus). It will also capture up to an impressive 60fps at 720p resolution. 60fps is the resolution a lot of bloggers and reviewers film at as it has a lot less of a blur during movement whereas filmmakers generally use 30fps. It all depends on what effect you are after with your filming but this camera will cover both with stunning results.

Overall all our videos recorded while testing the Munson camera were sharp and crisp, even in low light we gained great results. Take a look at our video review to see samples of videos we took on the camera as well as photo stills.

Another nice feature of the camera is that it comes with a large 2″ display, which not only can be used to line up your shots as the viewfinder but also review your videos if you want to check out your content before connecting it to a computer.

It’s worth mentioning at this point that as well as shooting videos the camera can also take still shots at the following resolutions: 12M/8M/5M/2M (megapixels).

The second way to shoot videos and also review filmed content is via the camera’s smartphone app in wifi mode. This allows you to connect to the camera via an iPhone or Android. This is useful to start and stop recordings when the camera may be mounted in a hard-to-get place like a helmet, or just out of reach.

Mount it on anything, take it anywhere

Action CameraAn action camera is pointless if you can’t use it in lots of places but luckily Munson provides you with every mount under the sun to use with it. The impressive list of mounts includes 1 Waterproof Housing, 1 Handle Bar/Pole Mount, 7 Mounts, 2 Clips, and 2 Helmet Mounts. That’s a lot of mounting options for a £50 camera! The camera is also waterproof to a depth of 30 meters so this camera, as well as being mountable anywhere, can also go everywhere.

Final Thoughts

For under £50, the reviewers at Cyber Sushi Design can’t think of a reason why you wouldn’t buy this camera, even if it came with no carry case and one battery, we would still recommend it. With the hard case, a second battery and loads of attachments it’s a complete no-brainer purchase that you won’t regret. At this great price, it makes it great value for money for extreme sports where there is a risk of breaking or losing it, families or anyone else wanting to capture video using a versatile device.

Munson HD Action Camera




Value for Money





  • HD Recording At Low Cost
  • 2 Batteries & Case Included
  • Lots of Mounting Clip Options


  • None for Cost
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