Product Review: Bluedio T4 Turbine Headphones

Bluedio might not be a brand name you have heard of before, we hadn’t either until a guy in the office said “you have to check out these headphones”. He was talking about the Bluedio T2’s, with top quality sound, so you can imagine our excitement when Amazon delivered our T4 headphones, two models up, from the same range.

The T4’s are a pair of Bluedio’s premium headphones made mostly of metal, rather than the usual plastic headphone band construction. This is apparent as soon as you take the headphones out of the box and feel the weight. Thought has even gone into the box, which has been designed with a magnetic opening in case you want to store them in the box when not in use.

The headphones have one modern feature we had never seen before on a pair of Bluetooth headphones, USB-C! For those that don’t know, USB-C is a new connector, which is set to replace the standard USB ports we currently use for connecting laptops and phones. A number of brands have already added this feature with their newest hardware but so far it has only happened with products from big names such as Google and Apple. It’s great to see up and coming brands like Bluedio following this new standard.

The advantage of a USB-C port on the headphones means the same port can be used to charge the headphones while also outputting audio, if you want to use the headphones in a more conventional wired mode with non-Bluetooth devices.

Noisey Commute or Traveling? No Problem!

The T4 headphones, although full sized cup headphones, feature folding ear cups, meaning they can be packed or stored almost completely flat. This is also a feature often used by DJs for monitoring when headphones are not worn in a conventional way.

The T4’s are excellent if you are traveling and commuting, for two additional reasons. For one, they feature ANC (active noise canceling), this is a mode that cancels out background noise, which is great if you are traveling on a noisy train or plane. Another benefit is the quick charge feature, a full charge taking 1.5 hours will give 16 hours of playback time, but the quick charge feature means a 10 minute charge can give an amazing 3 hours of playback time. Great when you have limited time to top up on power during a long journey.


But How Do They Sound?

They sound great, the ear cups fit snugly over your ears giving a tight but not uncomfortable fit. This means they sound bassy in all the right places but mids and treble is also strong. Often big headphones can be bass heavy but this is not something we found testing them with a number of different types of music from hip-hop to acoustic.

What’s in The Box?

If you have read all of the above and decided these are the headphones for you, what are you going to get in the box if you purchase them? Well being USB-C there are a couple of cables you may not own in the box, a USB-C flat charging cable and also a USB-C audio cable. The great thing about USB-C is that being a new standard these are easy to pick up should you wish to buy another to leave at your office for charging or just lose the original from the box.

Being widely used these are very cheap and can be brought from all the normal places you would imagine such as eBay, Amazon, PC World etc. Also in the box is a nice soft drawstring carry bag, which is a welcome addition to stop your new headphones from being scratched when not in use. Again this feels of good quality and shows the effort Bluedio have put into the product finish and presentation.




Bluedio T4 Turbine Headphones




Value for Money





  • Quality Metal Construction
  • New USB-C Port
  • Carry Case Included


  • Easy to Forget Buttons As Not Labelled
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