Video Review: Aukey Mohawk Drone

When the team aren’t building websites or marketing new businesses online we do, believe it or not, step away from our screens and leave the office. So when Aukey kindly sent us the Mohawk drone, we were keen to head outside and get some fresh air.

On receiving the drone we could tell this was much larger than we anything else we have flown before, that being said the team had only really flown cheap mini or micro quadcopters in the past. This instantly felt like a huge upgrade due to its size and build quality. Classed as a mid-sized drone, the frame felt solid, as did the propeller blades, which is a good sign as the most common part to break on helicopters of any type is the propeller blades. What’s also nice is that Aukey included a full set of replacement propeller blades in the box should you manage to break them due to a crash.

The full contents of the box includes the Aukey Mohawk Drone, remote control, 780mAh lithium battery, 4 extra blades, charging cable, screwdriver, user manual, and warranty card.



The drone was fully assembled so all that was required when opening the box for the first time was to charge the battery pack and slide it into the drones frame. The charger comes in the form of a USB cable, which we liked as it meant we could charge it with from a usb mains charger, computer or powerbank. This means that if you wanted to charge when out and about it would be possible from a simple car usb charger or as mentioned a powerbank.

Once fully charged we powered up the drone and were presented with the illuminated bright LEDs, these are different colours on the front and at the rear, the reason for the LEDs being different on the front and at the rear is so that even at a distance one knows which side is the front or rear of the drone.

With the LEDs being so bright we even felt confident to take our first test flight in poor light. The drone felt very stable on our first test flight with a large amount of thrust coming from propellers, so much so that even when the wind picked up, it was still stable and easy to fly.

We then turned on the headless mode, which is a clever feature not found on cheaper drones, this mode means whichever way the drone is facing it will always go left when you press left on the controller or right when you press right (as well as forward or back). Even after the maddest of spins or manoeuvres you will always know which way you need to press to make the drone go in that direction.

Tech Specs

  • Mid-size Mohawk Quadcopter Drone with 4 channel 2.4Ghz remote control
  • Easy to maneuver with one touch commands – Return, flip, headless mode
  • 6-axis gyros provides exceptional flight stability and maneuverability
  • 10 minutes of flight time on a single charge with up to 390ft flight range from remote control

Overall we can give the Aukey a rating of 10 out of 10, as we believe anyone can pick it up and just fly it, even under the recommended age of 14. The high rating is also for the features and strength of the drone so even if you aren’t an experienced flyer it will forgive some bad landings / crashes! Pop over to Amazon now for more information and to order yours today!

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