The Best Just Got Better! The New Nomad On The Block…

Every so often there is a product that we, at Cyber Sushi Design, just have to tell our readers about (watch out for next months Apple Watch review, no pun intended!) and one of those products is the NomadKey. Now, there is a new kid on the block…. the NomadClip!


If you don’t know what the original NomadKey is, it’s the worlds smallest Apple Lightning and Micro USB charger. Small enough to forget it’s on your keys and it’s always with you. There are USB ports everywhere these days, on your laptop, games console and even on TV’s, which lots of people don’t realise.

The mark 2 NomadKey is even better; it’s stronger, just as flexible and can be used with iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches as well as any micro USB device (Nomad make 2 versions).


Also available is the NomadClip, the strong big brother of the Nomad family, it’s a clip big enough to not only be a charger but also hold all your keys as well!

Clip it on your hiking rucksack or gym bag and it’s even big enough that you could clip it onto the frame of your mountain bike!

What we love about the NomadClip:

  • Extremely strong
  • Scratch resistant
  • It’s always with you
  • Can be used to keep all your gear together (bags, keys and other outdoor or sporting equipment

So if you want a charger that’s light, portable and can put up with pretty much any day to day abuse, hanging from your bags, belt or keys, find out more about the NomadClip at:

Stay tuned for our Nomad Apple Watch stand review coming very soon….


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