Nomad Rugged Leather Strap for Apple Watch

strapWe were very excited when a new Nomad package turned up at Cyber Sushi Design HQ for review, because we know these guys don’t make good products, they make great products. And their new leather Apple watch strap is no exception!

First Impressions

Silly as it sounds, even the packaging Nomad products come in are a work of art and remind us of other premium products such as Apple. Straight away we could see this leather strap was pure quality, thick chunky Italian leather that felt and smelt great. Unlike other leather straps we have seen for the Apple watch, this felt really substantial in your hands due to its thickness. The thickness finished off with the chunky aluminium clasp made the price difference against other low quality straps instantly apparent.

Appearance & Comfort 

What is also nice, as detailed on the Nomad website, is how the leather matures over a number of weeks, this means that it changes to a darker shade and marks to the leather add to the vintage, worn look.

Another nice feature of the strap is that the underside is a different colour of leather with an embossed Nomad logo, this again shows Nomad have put additional effort into the finishing touches of this product, even considering aspects of the strap that are not seen when worn. The strap also comes fitted with metal adapters to slide straight into your Apple watch, with both silver and black versions available depending on which watch colour you own.

Overall we would give this strap a 10/10 rating being very comfortable and looking fantastic. We really hope they release a version in black leather. For more information about the strap head over to Nomad



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