Keep your Gadgets Charged this Summer with the Pro Pod

We love going on holiday, but what we don’t love is when our phone goes flat. Let’s be honest, most of us now use our iPhone as our main camera when out and about, which means when our battery dies we can’t add photos to Facebook or tweet about the amazing Sangria.


However, that’s where the Nomad Pod Pro comes in, answering two of our mobile charging prayers. Not only does it charge your lightning devices such as  the iPhone and iPod but it also charges your Apple Watch.

The Pod Pro includes a 6000mAh battery built into the base and is housed in a beautiful aluminium finished case. It utilises the original Apple Watch charging cable which cleverly coils up into the base that is then hidden by the top half. We were  a bit thrown when coiling the cable into the base initially as we couldn’t get the top to fit flush, but after amazing support from Nomad we realised we had missed a key part of the setup. Due to the different depth of chargers for different models of Apple watch, a foam pad is included, which needs to be removed or added depending on the lead you have.

The base also includes a handy little LED indicator to ensure you always know how much power you have left! This also indicates the charging progress when topping up your base, which is done via a micro USB cable supplied in the box. There is also no need to panic if you forget a lightning cable for your phone as that’s even built in!

What’s the point of a nicely produced product if it doesn’t perform? Well…when we gave it a test drive while out of the office on our travels, we actually got over the two full charges of our iPhone and Apple Watch  stated on the Nomad website!

podAnother great feature of the Pod Pro, and one you may not think of when you are looking to purchase a power bank, is through charging. This means you can charge your devices while the battery in the base charges! This means you can use it as a daily stand and charger with a micro USB cable plugged into the wall. Overall for quality of product, performance and features we have to give the Pro Pod a full 10 out of 10 and at just under £60 we think you would have to look a long way to find a device that provided all these features.

If there was one thing we would like to see if there was ever a Pod Pro 2? If the original Apple Watch cable wasn’t required this would be great but we also appreciate they are not cheap and the overall price of the device would almost double.

Cyber Sushi Rating: 10/10



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