How to solve Your USB-C Device Upgrading Problem

So you have upgraded to a new USB-C device, now what? Well USB-C is awesome BUT it’s new, which means you are likely to have lots of devices you use on a regular basis that still use the standard USB connection during this transitional period as the technology becomes the new standard. Apple, Google and many other PC-based manufacturers are already using USB-C in their newest laptops and phones so it probably won’t be too long before USB-C is used everywhere. However, when new

However, when new devices starting becoming USB-C as standard, it doesn’t mean you will want to replace all your older peripheral devices such as printers, digital cameras or MP3 players, which might not offer a USB-C version of their device cable.

This is where a USB-C hub comes in, much like a standard USB hub except with many more possibilities. This is because USB-C can handle data, power and also video all from one port, offering so much more than a normal USB hub. Aukey were kind enough to send us over their flagship hub to review, which not only includes ports for 4 standard USB devices but also includes 4k HDMI video out, SD memory card reader and also Micro SD Card reader. This is priced at a very fair price of £39.99 currently on Amazon, with alternative hubs priced from £13.99 depending what your requirements are (you may not need HDMI or card readers).

The hub sat next to our 2016 Macbook Pro looks at home with a very Apple feel, not only in design but also in material. It feels like aluminium (if it isn’t they did a very good job of fooling us).  This is now a must-have item in the office for our hot desk, as it means that everything we use regularly can be left plugged into the hub (including power) and we can just plug one cable into our Macbook leaving us connected to everything!

The other thing that shocked us when the hub turned up was just how small it was, having seen images online we expected it to be much bigger with everything it features. This hub is a compact little power house and we highly recommend you take a look. You can purchase or read more about this product on Amazon by clicking here.