Product Review & Gadget Giveaway: Nomad ChargeKey

1924451_614208765327834_1560033565_nHere at Cyber Sushi Design, we are loving our new Nomad ChargeKey. A ChargeKey is a portable phone charger the size of a doorkey that you can carry around with your every day keys, you can use it to charge or sync your phone anywhere using any USB port.

There are two versions of the ChargeKey

Version 1 works with the iPhone 5/5S/5C, Lightning iPad and iPad mini

Version 2 works with Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Nexus, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Lumia, LG and many more

This handy product has been made to fit into your life, always with you in case you run out of juice. It hangs conveniently from your key ring, is flexible and strong. What’s more this product has proven so popular that orders have been back dated until late March 2014.

We, however, are lucky enough to have two of these excellent devices to giveaway – one of each version of the ChargeKey. So if you’re fed up of your addiction to Flappy Bird draining your juice simply login to Facebook, access the Cyber Sushi Design company page and LIKE & SHARE our post for your opportunity to win the world’s smallest phone and tablet charger – the Nomad ChargeKey. Winners will be selected at random when we reach 1000 likes or shares.

What we love about the ChargeKey

  • It’s really flexible, much more than we expected in photos before we received it
  • It’s so small we even forget its on our keys
  • It works with powerbanks and backup batteries not just mains adapters
  • It fits even with our phone / tablet cases on (so many leads other than the original don’t!)

Want to get a ChargeKey completely FREE? We have 2 from the lovely guys over at Nomad so enter our Facebook competition here:

Nomad ChargeKey competition


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