Gamer Gift Product Review: Pulse Extreme Gaming Mouse

81pT-gF5z7L._SL1500_At Cyber Sushi Design, we welcomed the gift of the latest Pulse Extreme High Precision PRO Gaming Mouse sent by manufacturer Gamergrade, in return we offered to write an honest review based on our experience using this gaming mouse.

First Impressions:

We were initially impressed when we received this striking gaming mouse; we were excited by the feel, with grooves in all the right places and the LED lights that enhanced it’s futuristic feel, with 4 of the 5 areas of lights customisable. The ability to customise the colour of the lights, makes this product stand out from other similar products in this price range (currently £14.36 from, giving the product a more exciting edge. With 8 buttons that pulse, thanks to Pulse Switch technology, the mouse proved responsive, providing the user with recognition their clicks were counted during play.



Having used the product, we in the Cyber Sushi Design office remain impressed with this Gamergrade offering. And why? Well, not only is it comfortable to use, while looking far superior to competitor products,  it is also effortless and extremely responsive to use for work and play, particularly in action games where you are constantly on the go (we tested it playing Bioshock), with the added incentive that you can customise it with the software provided. It was also comfortable to do other general non gaming tasks like web surfing and Photoshop work.

In Summary:

The gamers among us in the CSD office, who were unfortunate to win the toss for our freebie from Gamergrade, have definitely got one of these on their Christmas list. Not only is the product reasonably priced, but the comfort in use is second to none.

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