Brighten Your Office This Christmas With These Light Show Water Speakers

There’s a lot of choice when it comes to Christmas lights with so many different types on the market; maybe you’re of the opinion that lights are lights and it doesn’t matter if they’re one colour or multi-coloured, static or twinkling, but how would you like to combine your Christmas music with its very own light show? Well, now it is possible, thanks to the guys at SoundSOUL.

Here at the Cyber Sushi Design office, we are loving these light show fountain speakers that were kindly sent to us for review. They really are bringing our favourite Christmas anthems to life. 

Out of the box they are very easy to setup with no water needed, as the speakers are sealed units ready to use. They are powered by a USB cable and can be used with a computer / tv / games console or anything with a headphone jack. If your device doesn’t have a USB power socket simply use any mains USB plug to power them. There is a built-in amplifier, which means you only need your music device to get the party started.

Once music is playing the water and lights move to the music giving a fantastic fountain effect. These are guaranteed to brighten up even the dullest of offices when pumping out some good old Christmas anthems. If you want to liven up your office, birthday party or any other playlist we highly recommend that you check out these speakers on Amazon.


SoundSoul Water Show Speakers




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  • Unique Product
  • Lots of Colour Options


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