Best Headphones For Your 2017 Summer Holiday? EP-B48s VS EP-B40s

If your summer holiday is approaching and you have loaded up your phone with the latest summer anthems, but the old wired headphones you have had for years are looking a little worse for wear, then read on.

Thanks to Aukey, who have sent over 2 of their newest pairs of Bluetooth headphones to review, we can tell you which will suit your style of holiday best.


Aukey EP-B48s (£42.99 at time of reviewing)

The EP-B48’s are unlike any other headphones we have reviewed here on the Cyber Sushi Design blog when it comes to design. With their futuristic looks they offer the best of both worlds, keeping a small in-ear design but with a long life battery (20 hours!) housed in the lower section that rests on your neck and shoulders.

They also are some of the smallest headphones we have ever seen with active noise canceling. So what kind of holiday would these be good for? Well, think long flight, these headphones will keep going for 20 hours plus have sound canceling, ideal for any plane journey. You might even decide to wear them to have a little nap, cutting out the plane engines and other noisy passengers around you!

As well as the long battery life they also offer hands-free calling with a microphone and phone controls built in, and when you’re not on a call they also act as a music remote control.

In summary best for:

  • Long flights where you need a long battery life (longer than most large bulky headphones)
  • Noise canceling situations with loud environments  (planes, trains, long coach journeys etc)
  • People with hand luggage space as they don’t fold up, due to the design


Aukey EP-B40s (£24.99 at time of reviewing)

Next up we have one of Aukey’s smallest bluetooth headphones, the EP-B40s, these are new to the Aukey family increasing their smaller headphones from 6 hours to 8 on paper….BUT in our tests, we were able to get over 10 hours playtime out of them! We used them all day within office hours, left them for nearly a week and checked the battery percentage that was still reading 60%. Truly impressive battery life from such small headphones.

They are also the first pair of headphones from Aukey which feature a 3 Equalizer sound mode, this is much like the options you are likely to have on your smartphone (increased bass, treble or vocal) but being able to switch between these with a simple double press of a button on the headphones is impressive and useful.

Another useful feature Aukey have introduced, following suit of other headphone brands, is to make the earpieces magnetic; this is great if you take the headphones out when on-the-go but plan to wear them again shortly, as they click together around your neck in a necklace shape. It sounds like a small detail but in day to day wearing or travelling we would now miss this feature.

In summary best for:

  • People with limited space as they fit into a tiny carry pouch (provided in box)
  • Travelers that only need a day’s worth of use between charges (day at beach / short flights)
  • Keeping safe while traveling due to magnetic necklace design
  • People that listen to lots of different types of music with 3 EQ sound modes

Overall we can highly recommend both pairs of headphones from Aukey, it purely comes down to which would best suit your holiday as to which pair you choose to purchase. You can purchase and find out more at the links below on Amazon:

EP-B40 on Amazon
EP-B48 on Amazon


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