5 Reasons Why We Wont Be Buying the iPhone 8 or the iPhone X

Before we start, let us say we are not Apple haters, we are primarily Apple based in the office; from Macbooks and iMacs to iPhones. To make it clear, this isn’t another Apple vs Android attacking blog, we would even go as far as saying we are Apple fanboys and girls. That is until the recent update to the iPhone range this week left us very disappointed.

If we are honest it’s our second Apple update disappointment, since purchasing the iPhone 7 felt like there was no day to day upgrade at all. With lots of fans out there raving about the new product launch of the iPhone 8 and X what are our reasonings for this bold blog title. Let us explain…

A fast charging phone… without a fast charger in the box!

None of Apple’s phones are cheap, they are all a premium product with a premium price tag, but even the most expensive model, the 128gb iPhone X doesn’t come with the fast charger you need to use this new technology – it’s a £1,149.00 phone!

If you want to charge your new iPhone using this new fast method it could cost you nearly $100, let us hope it’s not a pound for every dollar here!

A beautiful edge to edge display… that needs protecting

Once you have spent a minimum of £1000 on your new iPhone X, the screen looks gorgeous but, if you drop the phone it’s going to be game over. There is no bezel to take the impact of any drops, which means it’s likely you’re not going to get away without breaking your screen. This means that unless you have more money than sense you will have to put your new pride and joy in a case to protect it.

What does this mean? You suddenly have the equivalent of a phone like any other phone with a bezel due to the case edge.

Some of your apps aren’t going to work straight away

One of the new design features of this all-new display is not just that the screen reaches across the full width of the phone but also around the earpiece. This means that existing apps are going to need to be updated, otherwise controls / display items etc that are on this side in portrait mode will not display.  We expect major apps like Facebook to be updated quickly but think of all these great apps put out by small developers with less resource it’s going to take them some time!

Day to day functionality

Double the battery life…no, built in projector….no, overall for us there is no make or break functionality in this phone. When the first iPhone gave us proper internet over WAP (do you even remember WAP!) that was a game changer. But the iPhone 8 and X simply do not feature anything we can think of that’s new, that we would use on a daily basis.

Some of the best upgrades you may be getting on your old iPhone!

Lots of people forget that loads of the new features are in the iOS system software itself. That means loads of the new great features you will be getting FREE of charge on your existing iPhone. New features include a new control centre, screen recording, drag and drop from app to app, easy to free up space feature, new file management system and much more.

These are just 5 reasons we would find it hard to part with £1200 for the biggest iPhone X model. Before you run out and buy the new iPhone think about what features you would actually use on a daily basis, that’s a lot of money that could buy you some new tech you don’t currently have in your pocket at all.


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