Wycombe Hospital Stroke Unit Garden

wycombe hospital stroke unit garden

wycombe hospital stroke unit garden logoAt Cyber Sushi Design, web design company based in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire we always like to get behind good causes. But this one recently became very close to our hearts.

Wycombe Hospital Stroke Unit

The team at Wycombe Hospital Stroke Unit do an amazing job looking after their patients. And also their families struggling at a time when all else can seem hopeless. Recently a friend shared a post on Facebook about the Wycombe Hospital Stroke Unit Garden. They were requesting help and we were more than happy to get involved.

The Wycombe Hospital Stroke Unit are currently in the process of creating a fabulous outside space. They have had help from generous volunteers from the local community to create this space is for stroke patients and their families to enjoy, to chill in and to aid rehabilitation.

Volunteers from the general public to local businesses have gotten involved to clear the garden. They have also donated supplies and their time to help build this wonderful space. So far we have donated our professional skills to create them a logo. And we are currently working on getting some signs made for the garden. And we will also be involved and getting our hands dirty ahead of the launch date too.

If you would like to get involved with this worthwhile project visit their Facebook page or contact Sharon at sharon.elmidoro@nhs.net.

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