Stay Safe Shopping Online This Festive Season


Online securityWith Black Friday around the corner and Christmas shopping well and truly underway, we wanted to take this opportunity to warn you of the danger cybercrime poses. As we enter the busiest shopping period of the year, it’s time to up your online security to keep cybercriminals at bay.

How to Spot Shopping Scams

Avoid falling foul to online shopping scams, when cyber criminals advertise fake or non-existent items for sale. Typically, items are listed on auction sites like eBay or social media marketplaces and include images and even reviews copied from genuine sellers to give you the impression they are genuine.

It’s also worth paying attention to the URL you are visiting. These tricksters clone websites, altering URLs slightly to resemble genuine retailers. All to make you believe you are buying from the real deal.

Be on guard to avoid falling for these scams, and be dubious if you see:

  • Heavily discounted products
  • Requests to pay by bank transfer instead of online payment/card transaction
  • Forged receipts or invoices. These are typically identifiable by poor spelling and grammar or strange contact details.

Avoid Falling For A Cybercrime Scam

Remember, if something seems too good to be true, it often is. Always pay using a secure payment method, avoiding bank transfers. Additionally, check online reviews to see if websites and sellers are legitimate.

Have You Heard About Disposable Cards?

A disposable payment card allows you to make online payments safer and more secure. When you place an online payment using a virtual card these details get destroyed and new ones generated. Such card providers will provide these new details via a secure app in order to protect your card details from being stolen when paying online.

Cyber Sushi Design – Boosting Awareness of Online Security

Avoid falling foul of cybercrime fraudsters this holiday season and stay safe when shopping online. Revolut has been helping us, here at Cyber Sushi Design, stay safe online for some time now, we just had to share. After all, no one needs to be out of pocket right now with the cost of living crisis engulfing the world.

Shop safely!

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