The Future of Business Cards…QR Codes Are So 2012

At Cyber Sushi Design we love a good business card. Perhaps you’re reading this as one of our lucky clients who received one of our laser-cut wooden business cards that turns into a phone holder. If so, you know the effort we have gone to in order to stand out and be different.

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And that’s why, when we got an email from the printing company Moo, who we often use for our printed stationery, we were a little excited. We weren’t excited because they were having a sale or had a new thickness of card (boring!), no this was something really different.

In 1994 the QR code was invented, you had to download an app and take a photo using your phone to see contact details or be taken to a website. It was however, a slow clunky process if you didn’t already have an app to scan these images.  In 2015, Moo have released their new range of business cards called Business Cards+, which have NFC chips embedded inside the card!

What does this mean you may ask?

It means that the contact details from the business card will be added to your phone simply by waving the card near to your Android powered device (sorry Apple fans iPhones do not support NFC yet). When designing your card you can choose if it adds contact details, opens your company website or a document of information. Best of all it’s all wrapped up inside a traditional looking business card, meaning you can still choose any design that you would print on a standard card. You can also change the details your card provides at any time, and best of all while a little big brother, you can see who has added your details / scanned your business card.

So what do you think of these futuristic business cards? Will they be on your radar next time you go to design a new business card?

 How Are Business+ Cards Made?

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