New Year, New Lockdown: 10 Tips for Juggling your Small Business & Home Schooling

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HomeschoolWhat a start to the new year! Not the start we hoped for but definitely one we saw coming. Let’s be honest, January can prove tough at the best of times, but as the COVID-19 era takes its toll on all of us in some way or another, we need to find the quick wins in every day. Our resolution is to remain positive, avoid extensive media coverage and block the negative Norman’s across social media. For our first blog of Lockdown 2021 we won’t be focussing on all thing’s web design and SEO. This blog is for the parents of young children among our followers. We hope it will help with managing home schooling, while you try and run your small business in Buckinghamshire.

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Let’s be honest running a small business is hectic. Looking after children under the age of 10 can be chaos. Throw the two together, in a house you’re only supposed to leave once a day for exercise, and it could be a recipe for disaster. We don’t know about you but our children are loud and never stop talking (or arguing). They are hungry, always hungry! And, naturally, they are oblivious to the needs or worries, or even the fact we need to work to keep a roof over their heads, clothe and feed them. But regardless we soldier on, promising ourselves we won’t be impatient or shout today, fully intending to wrap them in a blanket of love and security.

Subsequently, we totally realise why we never became teachers and wonder just how they do it.  Because let’s be honest, attempting to school ones’ own offspring is another ball game altogether. So, here’s a shout out to the nations’ teachers, you’re doing a fantastic job – thank you!

We know from experience that our children would never tell their teachers they didn’t want to do their work. Nor would they rush it in the hope of getting their tablet for the rest of the day (however tempting it might be for an hour or two of concentration). So why is it so different at home? Anyone?? No?!

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As web designers in Buckinghamshire our work is intensively detail focussed and a moments concentration is gratefully received, so following the last home-schooling experience we were keen to be prepared.

Here’s a list of tried and tested resources that our children have relished getting involved in. Each benefits their education and our need for them to learn independently for a short while so we can work. Check them out and email us if you have any other go to methods for home educating your children and getting work done.

10 Home Schooling Resources for Busy Working Parents

1. P.E. with Joe

The legend that is Joe Wicks returns as the nations’ favourite PE teacher today – Monday 11th January 2021. You can tune in live to his YouTube Channel from 9am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, to take part in his 20-minute sessions to keep the country’s children fit during the latest lockdown. And if 9am isn’t convenient, access the session from his YouTube Channel – The Body Coach TV – at any time after the broadcast.

2. Reading Eggs

If your little ones have just started learning to read or older ones need help with their reading comprehension, Reading Eggs is offering a 30-day free trial or 20% off an annual subscription. Our primary school has just taken out a subscription, which is great news for the youngest of our children who has been thoroughly enjoying the free trial.

3. Twinkl

Twinkl offers an array of useful resources for Primary and Secondary school children. You can register for a paid subscription or take advantage of the many free worksheets available to support the work teachers are setting.

4. BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize offers extensive lessons tailored to the national curriculum, online. Lessons are available for primary school children, secondary school students and for those 16+ too. The platform is easy to navigate and is growing from strength to strength as lessons will now be broadcast across the internet, iPlayer and tv channels.

5. CBeebies & CBBC

Which brings us on to the schedule of educational programming that starts on CBeebies and CBBC today:



6. Go Noodle

Go Noodle is another form of edutainment that you might even find you want to join in with yourself. That’s if you’ve not overdone it during PE with Joe. There’s an abundance of fun, educational activities that help pupils get moving and also practice mindfulness. It’s a total winner with our children, who always make sure we schedule a Go Noodle movement break morning and afternoon.

7. White Rose Maths

If you’re looking for more traditional lessons check out White Rose Maths. You can buy an annual subscription to access the premium package for less than £20 per year. However, you might not find this necessary, check out the Home Learning section and discover the free lessons supporting the national curriculum by year group. A worthy resource, especially if like us you feel like a dinosaur when you wrongly explain how you did things ‘in the olden days.’

8. Oak National Academy

Another great resource for more traditional learning and also one that was introduced to us by our primary school, is Oak National Academy. They even provide a suggested weekly schedule. Lessons can be accessed for free and searched for by subject and year group. If your children are like ours they might be less inclined to ask to do these lessons. However, when they do, they are highly engaged and get the benefit of being taught by a qualified teacher.

9. YouTube’s Free School

This is not one we have personally tried, but it’s been recommended and is on our list to test out this week. YouTube’s Free School from what we’ve seen provides lots of videos to support learning from early years phonics to project work for older ones, with tours and talks about ancient civilisations.

10. National Geographic Kids

Last but not least is a website our children like in or out of lockdown. National Geographic Kids not only provides primary resources, but includes quizzes, competitions and resources to allow you to explore nature and the world.

Here’s hoping this list enables you find something that gives you a moment in time to work, or even to enjoy a cuppa. And we hope your little bundles of fun enjoy exploring the best edutainment the internet has to offer.

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