Cost Of Living Crisis: The Importance Of Online Marketing

The cost of living crisis: The importance of online marketing

Cost of living crisisOnline behaviour is shifting once again as the world becomes engulfed in the cost of living crisis. As families and businesses make cutbacks, managing to obtain results from your online marketing efforts can seem challenging. So how can you ensure your business weathers the latest storm?

The Cost Of Living Crisis

As a business, it is important to consider how the impact of the cost of living crisis is affecting your clientele. By altering your traditional approach to your online marketing efforts, it is possible to yield success. Cyber Sushi Design is here to prompt you to make informed considerations and offer ways to adjust your online marketing strategy.

People Are Staying Home More

For many businesses, this can prove hugely impactful and your initial response might be to halt online marketing services at once. After all, if people aren’t venturing out to the high street, restaurants, and entertainment venues how can businesses gain much-needed revenue to stay afloat?

But, when we look at how the ‘Stay Home’ guidance panned out during the COVID-19 pandemic, we see the businesses that continued to stay relevant and/or adopt an online approach to keep their businesses up and running, proved more successful at recovering once lockdowns ended than those that stopped their marketing efforts altogether.

The thing is, if fewer people are going out, more people are likely to be surfing the net. And although customers might be less likely to buy without due consideration, the fact that your business has kept communicating will mean your business is the first that springs to mind when they need your services or products. Ultimately, now is the perfect time to invest in SEO services to target and remain visible to relevant audiences.

No One Wants To Spend Their Hard-Earned Income

As the cost of living increases, people are less willing to spend their hard-earned cash. As a result, you will find you need to increase your costs to survive the impact of fewer customers. To justify these increases in costs, your business needs to add extra value to keep existing customers and gain new ones.

Instead of focusing on the features of your products and services, consider the benefits. Why does someone need your product? How do your services help your customers achieve their goals? When you have the answers, you need to enhance your website copy, SEO campaigns and social media posts to promote to potential customers the benefits and value your business can bring about. People are far more likely to part with their money if they see how your offers can make their lives better.

People Are Searching Differently

As consumers have had to tighten their belts, search terms have adjusted. People are looking for ways to save money, and search terms such as ‘save money on energy bills’ or ‘cheap days out’ have increased.

Optimising your website to incorporate trending keywords and phrases can boost your online visibility. Include blog posts on pocket-friendly deals you offer to keep your business relevant throughout the cost of living crisis. Content your audience can relate to will help you gain traffic and establish new leads.

No One Wants To Travel Too Far

Fuel and public transport costs have risen exponentially, leaving many people only venturing out to make essential journeys. Nothing beats face-to-face service, but as we learned in lockdown, it is possible to manage such communications virtually.

The rise in working from home has left its mark since the COVID-19 lockdowns, with online meeting software companies like Zoom thriving as they keep everyone connected.

Of course, there are other ways to offer customers value online, arrange free webinars and virtual events to engage with new audiences, with whom you could turn into customers at a later date.

Online Marketing That Adds Value

While it might seem like the right time to drop your online marketing efforts in order to save money, how will you maintain your place in the minds of your customers and followers if you disappear and your competitors up the ante? Here’s a summary of what you should do:

  • Maintain your online presence to stay relevant and visible to your customers.
  • Add value through your online marketing efforts to stay in the hearts and minds of the people who will need your services in the near or distant future.
  • Update the optimisation of your website and online content to incorporate trending search terms that will help you reach the people looking for your services when they need them.
  • Be open to online engagement to connect with new and existing audiences – for example, try starting a podcast, hosting webinars, social media lives, and virtual meetings over Zoom.

Internet Marketing Support From Cyber Sushi Design

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