10 Steps to Increasing Blog Traffic to your Website this Festive Season

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increase blog trafficThese days it’s not enough to write a brilliant blog post and expect it to be seen or receive comments, likes or even get shared across social media.

The reason: Search engine algorithms – these algorithms are responsible for focussing on articles that follow their specific set of rules, rewarding them for relevance with pride of place at the top of search engine result rankings.

Follow these 10 simple steps to ensure your blog efforts are rewarded:

1. Make your Audience your Focus

While a well written, well-researched article wins the quality content battle, if the blog doesn’t satisfy the needs of your audience it’s unlikely to win readers. Consider what your target audience want and need and write about it, whether to entertain or educate, but definitely to engage because relevant content means better rankings, which in return means increased traffic to your blog.

2. Be Mobile Friendly

Increasingly mobile devices are being used to access the internet. Ensure your website operates across mobile devices to not only provide your readers with optimal viewing but also ensure your blog does not get penalised in search engine rankings by Google.

3. Search Engine Optimisation

Always optimise your blog posts to ensure search engines can identify what your article is about. Avoid stuffing your blog with keywords and phrases as this can work against you and ensure the words you choose are relevant to your post and target audience. Including links relevant to your article and the industry in which you operate can also help boost rankings and lead to online marketing success.

4. Share & Promote on Social Media

Social media provides the perfect forum to share blog posts, sharing across more than one social media platform, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, at well-planned intervals can ensure readers are reminded of your article and enticed to read it.

5. Respond to Comments

If someone has taken time to comment on your blog take time to respond and show your readers that you appreciate their comments.

 6. Be Timeless

Create “evergreen” content that remains relevant over a long period of time, using keywords that will ensure your audience is more likely to find such articles when they are conducting searches related to your field across the web.

7. Use Appealing Images

Always include images when publishing blogs, images can draw attention to your article and what’s more images can also be optimised to ensure your blog can be found in search engines, so be sure to use appropriate naming conventions when uploading an image (e.g. increase-blog-traffic.jpeg).

8. Post Comments

Comment on blog posts within your niche, ensuring you include links to your own relevant articles. Welcome like-minded readers of your blog to include links to relevant articles you might also be interested in.

9. Contribute to Article Directories

Upload your blogs to article directories to increase readership, back-links and traffic to your blog.

10. Offer Incentives

Offering your audience an incentive can encourage the readership of your blog. By providing giveaways or offering free advice related to your company, website or industry you can create loyalty to your blog and/or brand.

In Summary…

Following these tips will not only help your site rank better in search engine rankings it will, in turn, help you gain traffic and benefit your online marketing strategy. To win readers and build your brand you will need to continually market your blog, specifically targeting your niche audience. Be relevant, be unique, offer information that entertains and educates and ultimately keeps them engaged and coming back for more.

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