Why Web Design Is Important

Why web design is important by Cyber Sushi Design

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works! - Steve JobsAre you looking to have a new website built? Perhaps you’re wondering about the importance of web design? And how the overall look of a site impacts your brand and audience? Before you make any decisions about the future of your website, let’s take a look at why web design is important.

6 Reasons Why Web Design Is Important

1. Your website creates that first impression & first impressions count

The saying “Never judge a book by its cover” doesn’t apply in the world of online marketing. First impressions well and truly count. And your business will be judged on the appearance of your website. Within just seconds of a visitor clicking through to it. During those first few seconds, your website needs to create a positive impression. This will encourage visitors to discover more about your brand and its benefits.

Your website is the virtual shop window to your business. How you present it online will impact the perception prospective clients have of your brand. A stunning website stands a better chance of reeling in your target audience. And hence converting them into customers. Unlike outdated sites with unappealing graphics. Unattractive sites will send those potential customers clicking away in favour of your competitors.

Make that first impression count with web design packages from Cyber Sushi Design based in Stokenchurch, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.

2. Your website builds a consistent image of your brand

Websites help create brand consistency. They make use of the same colours, fonts, styles, layouts across every page. Your brand style should then be carried across into other marketing efforts, including social media. Without consistency, your brand will look unprofessional and customers will have no way of identifying you.

3. Your website sets expectations of the customer service visitors can expect to experience

Fairly or unfairly, what your website looks like will cause visitors to assume how you will treat them when they interact with you. The design and content you choose to share with the world, provides an insight into how you perceive your audience. Without putting effort into the design process, visitors won’t be convinced of the effort you’ll put into assisting them with their needs.

Consider your website as an employee, whose purpose is to help you convert business leads. If your website is modern, user friendly, easy to navigate and welcoming, visitors will hang around. They might even end up buying from you. Consider this, a beautiful design is equivalent to a friendly face. And grumpy employees are bad for business. Hence a site with bad usability and an unfriendly design won’t encourage customers to buy.

Avoid doing your business an injustice with poor design and usability. You have the skills to make your business a success, invest in the necessary marketing tools to drive that success home.

4. Your website builds trust

Out of date websites don’t build a sense of trust. Web design is continuously evolving. If your business site isn’t evolving with the times, you don’t look relevant to today’s online consumers.

A professionally built website will gain trust, encourage visitors to stick around and help you convert leads. If you offer the ability to purchase from your site, visitors need to feel you have the relevant security protocols in place. This ensures they feel comfortable inputting the necessary bank details.

Your website and subsequent content must engage customers, talk in their language and demonstrate that you understand the customer journey. Meeting their expectations will establish trust and build loyalty in your brand.

5. Your website SEO builds visibility in search engines

Your website, when designed correctly, will benefit how you publish website content. In turn, this makes it easy for search engines to crawl and index your website. SEO is important! Give your business the best chance of online success with the appropriate on-page SEO setup. This will ensure you are promoting the visibility of your brand from the off.

Web designers are capable of implementing various elements and code that will directly enhance your website’s SEO and affectiveness. The only way to guarantee this is to enlist the assistance of a well-established web designer that knows what they are doing.

6. Without a website, your customers will be checking out your competition

Now onto the most vital reason why web design is important. Because your competitors are already benefitting from great web design. And if you want to remain in competition with them, you need to ensure your web design is up to scratch. 

Your website must stand out from the crowd. Outperform your competitors. Outrank them. And win over those searching for your products or services.

Set your brand apart from your competition. Conduct competitor research to understand your unique selling point. Then use it to enhance your value proposition across your website and its content. And ensure your audience know why they should choose your brand over your competition.

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