Why Blogging should be your Number 1 Marketing Strategy in 2017

blogging-high-wycombe-seoAn effective business marketing strategy is part and parcel of any successful business plan. Since an online presence has become a mandatory requirement for any business, every business plan should give substantial prominence to online marketing strategies. Of all the online marketing tools available, many experts consider blogging to be the most popular and effective option.

When it comes to modern day business marketing, SEO plays an imperative role. Statistics show that over 90% of online experiences occur through search engines, which suggests it’s almost impossible for a business to achieve its goal without SEO. This is where blogging comes into play; highly engaging and convincing blog posts can do wonders for your website.

The Relationship between Blogging and SEO

Some business owners wrongfully believe that paid advertisements can bring them a lot of revenue. However, in reality  75% of web users rely on organic search results rather than expensive advertisements. Considering these facts, online marketing specialists claim that well-oriented SEO techniques are not just a choice but a necessity for any business. Although there are various other strategies to support SEO campaigns, blogging has been distinguished as the most effective tool due to the benefits it delivers.  Here’s how blogging can help your SEO campaigns:

Indexed pages

Search engines consider blog posts as individual web pages. This approach provides a great opportunity for you to maximize the online visibility of your website and expand the site’s reach. Blog posts should be high quality content, relevant to your industry and highly engaging if you expect your site to be indexed in all the major search engines.

Blog posts promote social sharing

If your audience finds your blog posts to be interesting, useful and creative, readers will share these posts across social media channels. These shares will eventually generate qualified leads.

Blogging facilitates link building

High quality and relevant blog posts on your site can maximise link building opportunities. Most other relevant sites will start to link to the valuable content within your site and eventually it will facilitate better search engine visibility.

What blogging does for business marketing?

In addition to boosting your site’s search engine rankings, perfectly composed, meaningful blog posts can boost your marketing campaigns. Here are some of the benefits of blogging in terms of marketing:

Maximized traffic

Blog posts can drive a considerable amount of traffic towards your website by getting better ranks on leading search engines. Such traffic is associated with a greater potential to convert into sales.

Better conversion rates

Proper utilisation of call-to-action options within your blog post can further maximise the conversion rate. However, these call-to-action options will deliver their best when accompanied with convincing and encouraging content.

You stand tall with authority

As long as you provide unique, informative and fresh content pertaining to a certain niche, your site will be of great use to your visitors. If you continue the good work with your blog, eventually, you will stand ahead of your competitors as an authoritative entity for your niche.

An effective blogging campaign includes fresh and unique content. You must keep posting new posts frequently so that the audience will never doubt the usefulness of your website. For more information about internet marketing and for all your web design needs, get in touch with Cyber Sushi Design on 01494 356 778.

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