What is Question Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation is evolving again; as a result it is no longer protocol to over stuff content with keywords and phrases related to your industry. This is because overusing keywords makes content disjointed and difficult for humans to read.

Increasingly people are using questions to conduct searches via Google.  And it’s important these questions are answered within the content being published to audiences.

Question Optimisation

It makes sense that Google would alter their algorithm based on Question Optimisation because a growing number of Google searches occur via voice search. This number will only increase as people grow used to asking questions of Siri and Alexa.

The use of keywords is not natural language, which is why using questions reads better by humans and search engines too. So if you know the questions your audience are asking, it’s simpler to give them the information they want.

So why wouldn’t you start answering questions?

Google has already started accommodating questions within their search results. Have you seen the ‘People Also Ask’ section when conducting a search? This feature will aid your content development; allowing you to target your ‘answers’ to the questions people are searching. Google even features snippets from relevant websites offering the best answers to the questions being asked. There are even tools available that can advise of the popular questions people are searching across the internet.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the creation of unique information to educate and or entertain your target audience. Such material is shared online via company websites, social media, news sites etc. The aim of which is gaining additional traffic and increasing interest in a product or service. Marketing your content towards your audience and the trends across search engines is important as you need to be seen by your niche audience in a competitive environment. Content is and will always be key to the success of your online offerings but moving with the times is vital.

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