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website trafficThere is little worse in the online world than a website struggling to get visitors. The internet can be a minefield because it’s often not easy to identify why a site has flopped. Why no one wants to visit it. And while there are endless reasons your website might be unpopular, Cyber Sushi Design has identified the most common in the hope we can help you boost website traffic to ensure your site reaches its full potential.


Once upon a time, over-stuffing websites with keywords was the thing to do in order for search engine algorithms to understand what your site was all about. These days the opposite applies, websites that are keyword heavy will be penalised making your site unlikely to be found by prospective customers. Aiming for a more natural approach to written content will help your site perform and ensure your visitors aren’t clicking away due to nonsense text.


Fresh content is important to all search engines but blog posts must be relevant to your niche market. Search engines will rank you higher, giving you a better chance of being found and visitors to your site will value educational blog posts that deliver the information they deem useful, which in turn will help them to remember you when they come to need services you offer.

Social Media

We know that social media is not everyone’s cup of tea but the popularity of a brand can depend on having a presence across these networks, which is a most valuable asset to any website. Social Media can help boost traffic and provide modern-day advertising, not to mention instil trust in your brand into the hearts of social media followers across the Net.


A sluggish site will see visitors clicking away… fact. Ensure your page load time does not exceed 3 seconds or you can count on impatience leading your potential customers away.


Make sure you portray your belief in your business and identify why your target audience should be choosing you over the competition. Make sure you sell this point and stand out from the crowd, if not there will be an alternative that does.


Many people think they can cut costs by putting up their own websites, with little care and attention to the design and content. Some people can get away with this, the majority cannot. Your website is your ultimate marketing tool, what you portray on it reflects on how you deliver yourself and your business. If you have little or no flare for design it’s probably best to consult a professional, particularly if your livelihood will rely on it. Many DIY sites promise you that they will take the pain out of creating your own site but there is a lot that is overlooked when signing up to one of these that we professionals are often called in to rectify.


While your website is your number one marketing tool, promoting your website across a range of media (traditional and modern) will hugely impact the market you reach and the volume of traffic you entice.

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