Cyber Sushi Design Bring Website Back from the Internet Graveyard

Last week we received a strange request from an old friend of Cyber Sushi Design, who called up and explained that her website had not been online for a number of years and had been lost.

So, what do we mean by lost?

Well, it turns out that her old website designers had not backed up her website files?! Which means that even if her hosting renewals had been kept up to date there was no way of getting her website files uploaded again to get her site back online.


Those of you that work with us know that at Cyber Sushi Design we LOVE a challenge!

Within 24 hours we had recovered and reconstructed the old website from an internet archive! Without any access to the original files, the site was provided back to the client to keep as a backup! With her site back online and ready to view for an important meeting, the cost was more than 75% less than it would have cost for a new site build.

So, when you think the impossible isn’t possible give us a call… we might just surprise you!

Karen Walker Testimonial

“Cyber Sushi Design the only show in town. They listen very carefully to your requirements and then exceed expectations every time. Making it simple is their gift.”

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