Google Hummingbird Update Will Affect 90% of Businesses

Last week, Google revealed and prior rollout of a new algorithm named “Hummingbird.” This update is likely Google’s most dramatic change in over a decade—Hummingbird is a completely new engine.

The new algorithm focuses heavily on improving conversational search and understanding user intent. Hummingbird will still include many old factors (such as Page-Rank) but will be more effective at including newer items like Content Marketing, Reputation, Domain Authority and Positive Visibility of Brand Name.

Our team at Cyber Sushi Design has outlined key areas of your SEO and content strategies to review in light of the Hummingbird update.

These are –

  • Content Management (very crucial for Humming Bird Update)
  • Content Marketing and Business Collateral Marketing
  • On-Site SEO Improvement
  • Mobile Compatibility of website
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In etc)
  • Internet Profiling of Product/Service/Company

We are ready to get our internet marketing clients through the update unaffected, is your SEO company?



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