App of the Month – October 2013: SlowCam

slowcamSlow mo video recording for all iOS devices

With SlowCam, it’s not just the iPhone 5s that can capture slow motion video, upgrading to iOS 7 and downloading this app will give you all you need to implement this feature on your iOS device.

With this simple to use app you can record slow motion videos in real time. Simply tap and hold the slow motion button while recording to capture video at 60/120 FPS. Removing your finger from the button will have you recording at regular speed.

Using the app you can record to your iPhone, which quickly renders it to your camera roll, with the rendering of one video clip happening while you take another recording. You can zoom, set exposure and focus together or separately. There is even an inbuilt torch.

For a mere £1.49 you can download the app from the app store, removing the need for an expensive upgrade*

*Compatible with iPhone 4 and above, older phones will not benefit from this app.


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