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What Does Your Website Look Like From Your Phone?

mobile website designers high wycombeWith mobile technology continually developing, websites are increasingly being accessed from mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. The problem this poses for business owners is, that a website that looks perfect on your desktop computer, might not prove functional on-the-go.

Rendering might mean your website is unreadable from a phone. Or that special effects you have added using flash, fail to load. As a business owner, these are not the only considerations you need to make regarding your website. A mobile website offers ease and convenience. This requires simplified navigation and easy to click links. With key information immediately available, including contact details such as telephone numbers or email addresses, as well as opening hours.

For eCommerce websites, the mobile customer is a dream, but only if the process proves quick and easy. This encourages the user to return and buy from you in future rather than turning to a competitor.

Key Tips for Mobile Website Success:

  • Keep it key – avoid cluttering your mobile site with unnecessary information, and ensure only relevant information is available to the user
  • Make it quick – mobile data is typically slower than your typical internet connection – limit information to ensure faster load times
  • Brand identity – a reduced version of your desktop site must keep branding and design consistent between the two

Contact Cyber Sushi Design for Mobile Website Design

The best kind of website is one that is responsive. This means it displays appropriately regardless of screen size. Therefore, when you access your website via mobile, tablet or desktop, visitors will have an optimal experience. Failure to offer a mobile-friendly website will see Google penalise website owners.

So, get in touch with Cyber Sushi Design today for a stunning new mobile website that renders appropriately across all device types. Call us on 01494 356 778 today!

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