App of the Month – November 2013: CamFind

camfindWe are loving the CamFind app this month at Cyber Sushi Design. It has created hours of fun throughout the office and even helped some of us find the perfect Christmas presents for our loved ones. Read on to find out more…

What is CamFind?

CamFind allows you to snap a photo on your smartphone and with a little bit of magic the app returns all the relevant information about that item, such as where to buy it, alternatives and translations.

Technology is fast developing and with techno-science like this it won’t be long before the traditional text-based search becomes obsolete. Smartphone technology is increasingly popular due to the ease at which we can access the Internet at our fingertips wherever we are. This app looks to revolutionise how we interact with the world around us to discover and learn new information.

CamFind provides quick, efficient data removing the need for typing – you simply take a photo and wait a few seconds to read the returned results to learn more. Simples!

The Nitty Gritty…

So you might wonder how this app can this be useful to our every day lives? Well…

If a restaurant is closed you can take a photo of the sign on the door to find the nearest alternative.

If you find yourself somewhere  where you don’t understand the lingo, CamFind can translate for you, simply take a picture of what you require and the app will interpret.

You can also make use of the QR and barcode reader, traditional text and voice search functionality.

As with any photo app worth its salt it has an automatic flash and zoom capability.

There’s also a VoiceOver function for identified objects to ensure you know how to pronounce things.

Your on-the-go internet search results are returned not only for the item you’ve photographed but also alternatives, including price comparisons and websites that help you to make the most of your money

And of course, customary to our everyday life, you can share results with friends via Facebook, Twitter or email.

Interested..? Get downloading, free from the app store today and share in the fun we’ve been having!


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