Reasons To Hire A Web Designer

DIY Website VS Web designer

website builderThese days, a business without a website is a rarity. Whatever products you sell, or services you offer, it’s more than likely most of your customers find you via an online search engine like Google. But, when faced with the need to create a website, your options are vast… so what do you do? Build a DIY website or enlist the expertise of a web designer?

What is a DIY Website?

First of all, let’s explain what we mean by a DIY website. DIY stands for Do-It-Yourself and is a website that offers free site building tools that enable you to create your own website without the need for professional help.

Such builders often offer a number of predefined website templates, with customisation options. Such settings enable you to alter the header, logo, titles and headings, images, text, colours and block layout. You often need no experience of coding, as these sites enable users to simply drag and drop features as required.

There are other free options that offer far more functionality than such DIY builders, for example, WordPress, but these often require the support of a web designer to ensure the capabilities of such tools are fully utilised.

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So, if you’re looking to launch a website you are probably asking yourself these questions:

  1. Should you hire a web designer or do it yourself?
  2. How much does a web designer charge for a professional site?

Let’s explore both options, because the idea of a free website builder can certainly sound appealing:

  • It’s free right? And we all want to save money wherever possible.
  • You can do it yourself and take as little or as long as you want to create your site. Not being tied into someone else’s schedule can seem like a huge bonus.
  • The result is right there before your eyes.

BUT… DIY builders are not entirely free.

To get exactly what you want there are often additional costs involved. You might need to sign up for the premium version, paid options, plus there are domain names, hosting costs and the like.

What’s more, by choosing a DIY website, your greatest regret is likely to be missing out on the potential profits that a professional website would gain you if you hired a web designer. Well built sites enable efficient SEO and with expert coding are great for boosting visibility and conversions.

Common Complaints About DIY Website Builders

  • Customisation of templates is minimal
  • Websites across the internet look the same
  • Free versions often come with ads embedded
  • Templates don’t fit business requirements
  • Difficult to optimise for SEO
  • Limited customisation options
  • Not easy to migrate such sites to other platforms in the future
  • Free sites have many restrictions

Web Designer vs DIY Website Builder

If you are launching a business that’s here to stay, with plans to outdo your competitors, a professional web designer is an investment your business deserves. Yes a web designer will cost you more than a DIY builder but you are paying for expertise and knowledge, the freedom to create a bespoke website unique to your business, fully optimisable to benefit where your website ranks in search engines and so much more.

Reasons to Hire A Web Designer

You will get a unique website design

A professional website will help your business stand out from your competition by following the latest web design trends. Free builders limit your ability to create a solid brand identity and show your customers and competitors you mean business.

You ensure a high level of user experience

A web designer uses their expertise to ensure the user journey is optimal. Navigating a professional website via desktop or mobile device will be achieved smoothly and more likely lead to conversion. This is because professionals are adept in conducting usability testing, cross-browser testing etc.

You can add unlimited features

DIY website builders limit the capabilities of what your site can do. A web designer can take your requirements and turn them into reality. What’s more, if you don’t have the budget for everything you want, a web designer can always add to your website at a later date.

You will get a scalable solution

As your business grows, a website built by a web designer can expand with you. A DIY builder will limit how you can adapt your website and transferring template sites to other platforms often proves problematic and is a popular complaint against the use of DIY solutions.

You get the functionality that you need

An expert web designer provides only the functionality you require, which is beneficial from a site speed point of view. However, DIY website builders provide an out of the box solution, including features you won’t necessarily utilise, which can be detrimental to your speed score.

Your website will be mobile-friendly

A web designer will ensure your website is responsive, which means it will offer an optimal viewing and browsing experience across all device types. This is hugely important for today’s audience’s, with mobile devices now the most popular for online browsing. What’s more, many search engines penalise websites that aren’t optimised for mobile devices.

Your web designer will use best practice SEO techniques

At Cyber Sushi Design, our initial website builds include basic SEO so your website is set up to gain visibility in search engines. When building your website we ensure URL structure, metadata, titles, headings, etc are optimised using relevant keywords and SEO best practices.

How much do web designers charge?

If you are looking to hire a web designer, Cyber Sushi Design offer development and design services at affordable prices. We work with a range of businesses, helping start-ups and small businesses move forward in these uncertain times and developing the sites of medium to large companies across the UK.

It’s impossible to answer the question ‘How much do web designers charge?’ Every website has different scope and complexity, which makes the above question as easy to answer as ‘how long is a piece of string?’

We do however provide a comprehensive proposal outlining all costs involved in the creation of your website, including the cost of optional add-ons for your consideration.

Contact Cyber Sushi Design For a Web Design Quote

Hopefully, we’ve managed to answer your questions about the differences between a DIY website and one created by a web designer. You’ll find us a friendly, responsive team, confident in our abilities to create you a first-class website. Get in touch with Cyber Sushi Design for a bespoke web design quote. Feel free to call us on 01494 356 778 or drop us an email for more information.

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