We Test 10 Cool Features of Apples Unreleased iOS10

We love an iOS update here at Cyber Sushi Design and often install and test the unreleased iPhone / iPad iOS before it hits the public release date. iOS10 is no different so here are just a few of the features we already love in iOS10… they aren’t the biggest but they are the ones that jumped out at us or we thought will prove useful on a daily basis!

1. Raise to Wake

Inspired by the Apples watch, Apple have implemented similar functionality so that if you lift your iPhone it will wake and display your home screen without having to touch anything.

2. Slide to Unlock is…. Gone

It didn’t make sense to keep it as most people use touch ID in recent years with the fingerprint sensor being in the last few generations of iPhone and iPads. Funny to think that such an iconic piece of design is gone!



3. We can finally remove Apples stock apps

Don’t like a stock app on your phone? No problem delete it freeing up space as you didn’t use the app anyway!



4. New Look Lock Screen

We look at our lock screens a lot, which is why Apple has added much more info to them with the new widget interface.



5. Photo App Gets New Features

Some big improvements have been added to the Photos app. It can now recognise faces, places, and activities. And with new super search you should be able to search for something like “sandwich,” and it will return pictures with sandwiches in them. Exciting we know and obviously you won’t use it for sandwich hunting but you get the idea!



6. Siri can Transcribe your Voicemail.

So you don’t have to listen to it, but you can instead read it like a text message.



7. Your Phone can also Warn you that the Person Calling you Might be a Spammer…. brilliant! 


8. You can also receive calls from other services — like Skype or WhatsApp — right on the main lock screen.



9. New messages App

You may not want to ditch the default messages app yet for Whatsapp. iOS 10 will have new animations, a bunch of sticker apps, and even hidden messages with ‘invisible ink.’ Generally, texting is going to be a lot more fun.

new messages


10. And an easy button in the Mail app to unsubscribe from a mailing list.



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