We Can Now Offer 360 Degree Virtual Tours for Your Website

Here at Cyber Sushi Design we are always looking for ways to push our websites and designs forward. Last month we told you about our new drone Sparky and today we are very pleased to show you another Cyber Sushi first… 360 virtual images and tours.

You may have seen these type of images on Facebook over the last few months, well now we can shoot and offer these images to our clients on their own sites. Below is a small example, but these look much better in a full-width design also show below in a screenshot.

They are not just for outside shots we can also capture your office, workshop or shop almost anything. There is almost no limit!

We will be showing you more examples in the coming weeks as we already have a client shoot booked.


 Click and drag to look around

[vrview img=”https://www.cybersushi.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/newpano6.jpg” width=”100%” height=”350″]


Full-width design screenshot


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