The Great Suspender for Google Chrome

Google chromeChrome is one of the most popular internet web browsers, yet many complain that when tabs are left open their computer slows and battery life is reduced.

That’s where “The Great Suspender” comes in, a new Chrome extension that temporarily suspends open tabs that are not in use.

Installed in a matter of seconds, The Great Suspender provides the ability for users to manage when tabs are suspended and for how long. Depending on your time settings, tabs will turn blue and read “Tab suspended. Click to reload” when not in use.

If there are sites you use frequently that under no circumstances you would want to be suspended (e.g. email, sites you access for work purposes etc) it’s also possible to “whitelist” these sites to ensure they remain active.

If you’re an avid Chrome user why not download the extension and reap the benefits. For more tips from Cyber Sushi Design follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

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