Speed Kills – Don’t Lose Another Customer

Speed killsSpeed is one of the key reasons a customer will leave your website, therefore ensuring loading times are kept to a minimum is the best way to ensure user retention. A slow site will deter users from returning, which means your competitors will reap the rewards.

5 Reasons the Seconds are Ticking by as your Customers get Ticked Off

1. Image Size

Images that have not been optimised for web are a key reason for slowly loading pages. There are a number of ways to reduce the impact images have on load time, including resizing, cropping, changing the format of the image and reducing the quality of the image.

2. Flash

The benefits Flash offers, such as animation and interactivity is often less valued by visitors to your site than a fast loading site. Flash is heavy and causes websites to load slower than non-Flash sites. Flash can also be unsupported by many of today’s tablets and smartphones, which means content can fail to load completely.

3. Spam

Excessive spam can be the cause of slow load times, this is why the use of captchas is dominant on contact forms. Spam blockers can be installed to reduce the influx of spam.

4. External Embedded Media

Adding external media, such as videos, to your website means you rely on the speed of the external website, if the external site is performing badly this will affect the speed at which your site loads.

5. Bad Code

Inefficient code can increase the time a page takes to load, often due to the inclusion of white space. Fixes include removing line breaks and excess spacing, condensing your code, and shrinking file sizes.

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