Rewards for Social Media Promotion (Social Payments)

Social-Media-Strategy-for-EducationAs a small business or brand trying to make an impact online, you can no longer afford to ignore the power of social media, which provides the ability for you to reach as many people as possible – Cyber Sushi Design want to tell you how.

There are many recognised online marketing tools such as Search Engine Optimisation, Facebook Like’s and Tweeting via Twitter  that  have significantly improved the speed at which brand messages are delivered, however many of us still remain hesitant to buy before we try or put our trust in a brand we know little about.

A new online marketing phenomenon, the Social Payment System allows you to expand your reach and get your brand recognised, with both business and visitor reaping the rewards. Social media payments involve a visitor to your website being rewarded for promoting your business across major social networks with, for example, a free download of an eBook. There are endless ideas for giveaways that can encourage a person to promote your brand, from download files, discount vouchers, a song track, access to a VIP area of your site.

The concept gives “tweets” and “Likes” a real value, it advises their network of contacts not only about your brand but gives them access to something they can use and this in turn can create a domino effect. One person tweets about their free gift at the cost of a tweet and their network of contacts see something they like and the cycle continues, allowing you to build up a solid online profile.

What could you offer your visitors to boost your brand for free? For help setting up social media payments get in touch today, we are always happy to help.

For an example of the system in action why not check out our eBook download here.


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