To Blog, or Not To Blog?

When blogging surfaced in the mid-late 1990’s its power was perhaps underestimated. Today everyone either writes a Blog or has a favourite Blog, and thanks to the power of social media, we can readily share and access opinions on the things we care about.

Often, when we, at Cyber Sushi Design, advise clients that they need a Blog, they ask why? Blogging has many purposes and means something different to each individual. When blogging first became a ‘thing’ it was most likely to be for personal gratification in the form of an online journal in many cases. Blogging has evolved since then and there are many reasons why people blog:

  • An individual might start a Blog to express their ideas and share what they are passionate about. A Blog can help people connect and share their ideas with likeminded people.
  • Other individuals may find they have a cause they want heard, which through blogging they can raise awareness and build a support network.
  • Some take to blogging to share their knowledge and teach their followers about their area of expertise, some even sell these services through their Blogs.
  • A Blog can simply be an outlet for ‘wannabe’ writers to enhance their writing skills, garnering feedback and advice from their audience. A Blog can also help writers to build an online portfolio and showcase their skills.
  • It’s becoming increasingly popular for people to Blog in order to receive, be it money, incentives or accolades.
  • In most cases, however, we advise clients to Blog as a marketing tool for their website, to enable businesses to grow their professional networks, engage and educate audiences, advertise their services and expertise and importantly boost the online presence of the business and support search engine optimisation strategies.

If you are looking to start a Blog, whether to explore your passions and share these with the world or to enhance the online presence of your business, Cyber Sushi Design have a wealth of experience to get you started. If you would like more information about starting a Blog, get in touch with the team at Cyber Sushi Design today on 01494 356 778.

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