Why SEO Is Not Dead In 2022

SEO packages Buckinghamshire

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a vital marketing tactic that involves improving your website to ensure search engines like Google rank it accordingly on their results pages. Ranking well gives your website more chance of getting seen by anyone searching for your products or services.

As technology evolves, the age-old question – “Is SEO Dead?” – rears its ugly head. But the truth is, SEO remains alive and kicking. However, the process is constantly evolving.

Did you know…? 

53% of all website traffic comes from organic search (Search Engine Journal)

Google algorithms are constantly updated. The most recent Google algorithm update penalised many sites that failed to build and nurture their backlinks. If your site got hit, Cyber Sushi Design is here to help.

SEO Packages Buckinghamshire

Earlier this year, L Harvey & Son enlisted Cyber Sushi Design to help promote their business online. They took out our COVID Kickstarter Campaign offer to boost their Google rankings for the keywords and phrases of their choice.

The Cyber Sushi Design COVID Kickstarter Campaign

Before we tell you more about how we supported L Harvey & Son, let us tell you more about our COVID Kickstarter Campaign. Times have been tough for all kinds of businesses, up and down the country, the world, and back again. Everyone suffered in one way or another through lockdown, and the normality we once knew no longer exists. One of the blessings of lockdown was that the internet never went on furlough. It kept us all connected and enabled many of us to keep working safely from the comfort of our own homes. Some businesses faced devastation. Others found ways to recover!

As the world tries to move forward, new challenges arise – the Ukraine war, the cost of living crisis, increasing fuel and gas prices – it can feel neverending, and that’s why businesses need to fight to stay afloat. Except it doesn’t have to be a fight. With an SEO package, you will ensure your business is visible to those searching for your products or services. And what’s more, it doesn’t have to be at some ghastly cost.

We are giving you the chance to invest in a three-month SEO campaign to boost your business, and if we don’t improve your rankings during that time, we will give you your 4th month for FREE! Thus far, we are delighted to declare that we’ve not had to honour this offer because every client has achieved improved ratings above and beyond their expectations.

With packages starting from only £249 per month, all we need from you is the five key phrases you want your website to rank for on Google. It’s an easy choice when you see what we can achieve. ⬇️

Check Out The SEO Results We Can Achieve

Did you know…?

75% of internet users never scroll past the first page of search results. (Search Engine Journal)

When we took on L Harveys & Son as a client, they weren’t even ranking in the top 100 for their key phrases of choice. We turned that around within just three months. Take a look at the graphic below to see how they ranked by the end of month 3. Pretty impressive, right?

SEO Packages Buckinghamshire

So what did L Harveys & Son have to say when we shared the great news that they were showing up on PAGE 1 for all of their chosen phrases? What you’d expect really after investing in an SEO package.

“That’s great news, I have noticed we have had an increase in people phoning, so glad it is working!” ~ L Harvey & Son

So there you have it. Investing in SEO packages really does work, but it is also a continuous process. Your rankings need nurturing to be maintained. And sometimes, SEO processes need to evolve to satisfy the changes Google makes to its algorithm. And that’s why we offer many options to support your SEO campaign, to get your business seen on search engines.

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To discover more about how we can support your business to get you found online, contact us on 01494 356 778 today! We offer web design, SEO and content marketing services to get your business flying up the ranks of Google. But remember, if we don’t get you ranking in 3 months, you’ll get your 4th month free! You won’t find our competitors offering better than that!