App of the Month – January: Chrome Remote Desktop

Google-ChromeLast week, Google released its Chrome Remote Desktop app for iOS, which allows you to securely access your desktop computers from iPhone or iPad devices, as long as your iPhone or iPad supports iOS 7 or a more recent release.

To utilise Chrome Remote Desktop you simply need to install the Chrome Remote Desktop app from the Chrome Web store on your computer, be it PC or Mac and then download the app of the same name on your iOS device. You will also require a Google account to make use of the apps. Once you have installed the app on the relevant devices you will be able to connect to any personal computer, from your phone or tablet.

So, whether you need to access an important document you’ve been working on at home on your Mac while at work or help a family member fix a problem they’ve been experiencing on their PC, Chrome Remote Desktop provides that capacity.

While protected by your Google account password, Google recommend adding an extra layer of security by setting up PIN protection to ensure the security of your desktop or mobile devices.

While there are a wealth of remote access apps available, Chrome Remote Desktop provide a simple, user friendly interface as one would expect from Google, and we are certain there are plenty of enhancements to come over time.

To download the Chrome Remote Desktop for iOS for free visit the App Store today. For more news, reviews, advice and tips from Cyber Sushi Design follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


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