Reasons to Create A Google My Business Profile

Google My Business

Google My BusinessIf you are looking to embark on an SEO campaign for your business the first step your should take is to create your Google My Business profile. Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool that can help your target audience have more visibility of your business. A GMB profile can help potential customers find your business, understand your services and products and engage with you. Setting up your profile will help your business get found.


Why Your Business Needs A Google My Business Profile

1. To Establish Your Reputation

Creating your Google My Business page gives you control over what you share about your business. This means relevant, up-to-date information straight from the horse’s mouth. What’s more,  the information from your profile will be displayed every time your business appears on Google. Only you can represent your business in its best light, so creating a profile that directly targets your prospective customers with an accurate business description, correct contact details and web address will help them to find you.

2. To Top Local Search Results

Everyone looks for businesses online these days and when you complete a Google My Business profile you stand a chance of showing up in local results and on the Google Map results that appear above even the organic results. Google helps searches narrow down their results by offering options to search “near me” or for specific locations e.g. web designers high wycombe.

3. To Show Potential Customers Your Business Is Legitimate

Online scams are all too familiar these days, which is why searchers need assurance that your business is legitimate. A GMB profile provides your business with credibility, they see your profile show up in Google and they have trust and are encouraged to check your page out. Claiming your GMB listing enables you to provide vital information such as your logo, business description, contact information, opening hours, web address and relevant images. Valuable information that provides your potential customers evidence that a real business exists.

4. To Help Potential Customers Contact You

When you create a GMB profile, whenever your profile appears in Google Search or Google Maps, so does your phone number. And a simple tap can have a potential customer making contact with you. What’s more, prospects can interact with your GMB page. They can post questions and you can respond. This is public interaction that provides an opportunity to engage and provide relevant ansswers. Other searchers can also benefit from the information you share and in turn, convert visitors into customers.

5. To Encourage People To Buy From You

Your GMB profile allows you to show off customer reviews. In turn this gives other the confidence to buy from you. Therefore it is worth sharing your GMB profile and encoraging your customers to write a few words detailing their experience.

Create Your Google My Business Profile Today

Kick start your SEO journey and verify your business with a GMB profile today. And if you need further support with your SEO strategy, get in touch with the SEO specialists at Cyber Sushi Design. Contact us on 01494 356 778 now and we will help your business soar up the ranks of Google.

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