Reasons to Avoid Creating a DIY Business Website

diy-websitesIt might sound clichéd but it’s certainly true that you always get what you pay for in the web design world. So when considering a website service that is based on templates you customise, think about what you really want your website to be – how you want it to work for you, how you want to stand out from the crowd, how you want to appear to your public…

It might seem tempting to sign up to a web service where you choose a template, copy and paste your content and then simply publish – you might have a tight budget, tight deadlines or simply want to Do It Yourself but if you’re a new business starting out you might want to reconsider.

First Impressions Always Count

Let’s be honest we all judge a book by its cover, just as consumers will judge your website before conducting a new search and heading over to a competitors site.

Ask yourself, “Would you hand out DIY business cards?” No! And why? Because it would create a bad impression of you, your business and the product / services you sell. So, why DIY your business website? Just as your business card is an overview of you and what you do, your website is an overview of your business and what it does. It’s a shop window, enticing your public to purchase and providing relevant information to your target audience to ensure they keep coming back for more.

Templates are easy to spot; they are generic and have the tendency to look cheap and unprofessional. Using a template does not present a business in the best possible light; your site might be functional but lack originality; it might hold all the relevant information but not the attention of your audience.

Every business has its own unique selling points, yet a DIY template site removes the uniqueness of a business – you build the site to fit the template rather than the producing a site that fits your business, promoting not only the services or products you sell but the essence of your business and what it’s all about.

A template restricts your business from growing. Over time technology develops, businesses grow and upgrades are required – to the design, to the functionality. Being tied into a template can hold you back, restrict developments and may leave you needing to start from scratch.

You also need to consider how your public will find your site. While these sites are easy for you to update, they are built in Flash, which with today’s sophisticated search engine algorithms means your ranking opportunities will be hugely restricted.  Without recognisable text content, Google and the like have nothing to scan, meaning your site will feature way down the search results where searchers rarely venture.

As a web design company, we aren’t just telling you this, we have first-hand experience of trying to put these things right for clients. We simply want to point out what the adverts for these types of services don’t point out. Hiring a web designer isn’t always expensive, to use another cliché, you get out what you put in. Tender the creation of your site out to multiple companies and get their opinion of how you can to create the website your business needs. Having the ability to talk to a designer, verbalise what you want and have that interpreted into a creative, functional website should have your investment working for you in no time.

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Date Published: 01/02/2014
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