Realise the Potential of your Website

websiteWhat is the purpose of a website?

The point of your website is to ensure your business becomes more proficient and profitable. A website should highlight the expertise a business provides and prove to be a forum through which visitors can make purchases or make contact with you to enquire about your services.

A website should demonstrate the USP (unique selling point) of a business, what’s on offer that no other business does (or at least doesn’t do as well as your business).

According to Internet World Stats there are 2,405,518,376 internet users worldwide. With the average user online for almost 7.5 hours a day, businesses should be making sure their sites are fit for purpose as it’s possible to be found by anyone, anywhere in the world.

What can your website do for you?

  • With this in mind it’s vital to invest time and money to ensure your website can deliver return on investment.A website can sell your services / products
  • A website can provide information
  • A website can provide support
  • A website can connect you to contacts
  • A website can be the operational centre of your business

What MUST you do to ensure a successful website?

website development tree

  • Consider carefully how you structure your pages
  • Stay focused on your USP
  • Remain true to your brand identity – colours, logos, fonts (and font sizes)
  • Keep content structured, knowledgeable and to the point
  • Let your public know who you are and what you do
  • Avoid jargon and industry slang that the outside world is unfamiliar with
  • Ensure the navigation of your site is user friendly
  • Make sure load times are optimised
  •  Ensure a good balance of text and images
  • Avoid long, bulky text
  • Steer clear of irrelevant, badly placed pay-per-click adverts
  • Optimise your website for search engines (otherwise known as SEO)

What you must do to ensure your site gets seen?

SEO #1

Search engine optimisation is key to getting your site seen. This isn’t a one off payment to an internet marketing specialist or the odd bit of promotion by your online marketing team. As the world wide web gets increasingly populated, the race to be seen at number in Google heightens. You cannot afford to pick and choose when you optimise your website, it needs to be ongoing.

With over 4,000,000,000 Google searches on a daily basis and 53% of searchers clicking on the first organic result listed, can you afford not to fight for the top spot.

The content contained in your site needs to not only be relevant to your target audience but to the search engine robots. While people want compelling content, creative design and a source they feel they can trust, the robots want:

  • Unique content – you will be penalised for cutting and pasting from other sites
  • Relevant keywords – the words and phrases you are searched for by your target audience
  • Descriptive HTML page titles, descriptions and headers
  • Clear site architecture – a well built site, using clean code
  • Fast load times
  • URL links that work
  • Trustworthy links to external, relevant sites

None of this is rocket science and it’s what we at Cyber Sushi Design do every day, so if it seems mind boggling to you, drop us an email or give us a call. We provide website design and internet marketing packages at competitive rates. We know the importance of getting your site working for your business, take a look at our testimonials to see what our existing clients think.

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