A New Website: Do you Know What you Want?

web design high wycombeAt Cyber Sushi Design, we regularly receive phone calls from potential customers requiring web design services with no idea of what they actually want. When we ask if they know how many pages the site needs to have or what it needs to do the answer we receive often is “I’m not sure”.

For small businesses that have not had extensive exposure to or are unaware of the power of the web this is perfectly understandable. However, for a website to actually work for a specific business there are some considerations that need to happen and decisions that need to be made before we can provide realistic time frames, costs and a design.

Here’s a Cyber Sushi Design checklist for any business looking to enlist a web designer to build them a new website, to ensure you don’t draw a blank when asked the all important questions web designers need to know.

1. Web address – whether you have an existing site or are planning to start from scratch, a web designer needs to know whether you own a domain name (that’s the “www.” address) or if they need to purchase one on your behalf

2. Existing Site – if you have an existing website a new web designer will require access to this site and also a summary of what you like and dislike about it

3. Timelines – when you are looking to have a new website go live

4. Your Business – it is useful for all web designers to know about your company values and its services in order to consider a design and content if you are enlisting them to create your content. Information such as when the company was founded, what you do, what you provide or sell, region you serve (if applicable), target market, competitors etc

5. Links – it’s often helpful to provide the URLs of websites that you like the look of, as well as your competitor’s sites, providing details of what you like and dislike about them

6. CMS – do you require the ability to edit your site yourself? This is an important point as adding a content management system (CMS) will provide the ability for you to add fresh content to your website via a simple editing tool. A CMS website is beneficial because search engines like to see that websites are regularly refreshing their content, which in turn ensures they are ranked better than sites where content remains the same. Please note: It’s likely you will incur additional costs if your web designer is frequently charged with updating content on your site

7. Content – to help establish the number of pages you require, you need consider what content you want your website to provide, do you require:

• A shop – to sell products online
• Links to social networks – for marketing purposes
• A blog/news section – to impart advice, provide tips and share news
• Testimonials – to share reviews of your services from other clients to promote a job well done
• A contact form – sharing address details, a map, telephone and fax numbers, email address etc

8. Additional Services:

• Mobile site – to ensure your site is optimised for mobile users on-the-go
• Hosting – web space that allows your site to exist online
• Logo design – a logo for your business to appear on your website
• Copywriting – for writing your web content or ghost-writing a blog regularly to keep your site fresh
• SEO – to optimise your site ensuring it ranks well in search engines such as Google
• Analytics – to establish how well your site is working for you

Hopefully this list will prove useful for you if you are planning a website revamp or starting from a blank canvas. It will certainly help us at Cyber Sushi Design, or any other web designer you decide to enlist, to get an understanding of your business and you requirements. In turn we will be able to provide you with an accurate, free, no obligation quote with timelines for your approval.

If you have considered all of the above, get in touch with Cyber Sushi Design today, call us on 01494 356 778 for more information. Cyber Sushi Design, web designers in High Wycombe will be happy to discuss your web project further.