Does your Business Need a New Post Lockdown Website Design?

post lockdown web design

website design high wycombe buckinghamshireCOVID-19 has brought an uncertainty upon our lives that many of us alive today have never experienced before. The impact on the lives of the vast population of the world have been turned upside down and life as we knew it is unlikely to return to normal any time soon. Here Cyber Sushi Design discuss our thoughts on post lockdown website design.

COVID-19 Lockdown

As lockdown is eased and businesses are given permission to start operating again, albeit with limitations in place, there needs to be considerable thought as to how business as normal can work in a post-lockdown era.

If lockdown has shown us one thing, it is how valuable the internet and websites are to our lives. Businesses have survived and thrived through altering how they work to utilise online ordering. Ecommerce shop requests have gone through the roof and look set to continue to rise as we face localised lockdowns or 2nd and even 3rd waves of COVID-19 arising.

Post Lockdown Website Design High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

An eCommerce site does not only help your business survive at this uncertain time. Giving people access to your products and services online may help to keep your business afloat. Online businesses enable social distancing at its best – not forcing contact through visits to your premises.

And while the powers that be work to understand this virus and implement strategies to return to normal, businesses should consider how to maximise their offerings to futureproof themselves should a pandemic such as COVID-19 occur again.

As a business ask yourself the following:

  • How has your business coped throughout lockdown?
  • What have been the strengths of your business?
  • Have you altered your services to meet demand?
  • Are you offering new products to meet new demand?
  • Have you changed the way your products/services are accessed?

eCommerce Websites High Wycombe

Recent events have prompted many businesses to reconsider how they operate in order to survive. Some have transformed their websites to eCommerce sites, others have started collecting from/delivering to customers while others have sadly folded. It has been an eye opening experience and clear that we need to evolve our businesses at all levels to accommodate working from home, safeguarding staff and customers and making sales when we simply aren’t allowed to open or be out and about.

While it might not be possible for all business sectors, for the majority, with the right online tools in place such businesses can learn how to thrive. Perhaps this will prompt a change in direction for some businesses but with life set to be different for the foreseeable there is plenty of opportunity to review how your business can find a new niche in order cater to the changing  requirements people have in a more restricted world.

Small Business Websites High Wycombe

We understand that these are uncertain times, and investing in a fresh website design post lockdown might not seem to make financial sense right now.

However, consumer perspectives are changing. Your potential customers are looking to shop local. They want the best prices. They want conscious, ethically sourced products/ services that are considerate to the impact on the environment. And ultimately they are carrying out their research online to gauge how trustworthy your business is. A well designed website provides confidence. A website that doesn’t lag behind its competition ensures your potential customers continue to browse what’s on offer. You also present yourself as a forward thinking business ready to serve the people.

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Looking forward there are still many challenges for the world to overcome as lockdown eases. What we are sure of is, the window into your business needs to serve you well. Book in a new website today to enhance your offering in a post lockdown era. Cyber Sushi Design can offer a range of solutions for all budgets so give us a call on 01494 356 778 and let us know your requirements.

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